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ip phone systems

The Ip phone system is a modern, telephone communication system based on the ip network and the Internet Voice Protocol (VOIP). The Ip telephone system is different from the traditional analog telephone system, which is specific, free to call, rich in multimedia functions and features that facilitate unified management.

ip phone systems work diagram

Setup an ip phone system, what we need.

In order to build a simple IP phone system, we need to prepare some necessary equipment. First, we need a network with enough broadband to transmit as a whole phone system. Second, we need to prepare some ip phones that comply with the sip protocol. For the choice of the phone, we can purchase according to our own price and function. Third, a necessary network switch. With the above equipment, we can build a simple IP phone system. If we want to centrally manage ip calls, we need to add another sip server.
How to setup a voip phone, please click on it.

Why do we want to use ip pbx phone system

Now, with the needs of the business, we have more and more requirements for the function of the telephone system. For example, it requires phone transfer, call recording, multi-party video conferencing, queue, group call, and restricted outgoing calls. The traditional analog telephone system can only implement a simple voice call function, and the ip pbx phone system can improve work efficiency and communicate better.
How to setup ip pbx system, please click on it.
industrial ip phone system
We can provide VoIP phone system for small and medium-sized enterprises, or ip phone system for industrial emergency intercom system. We are a communication expert who designs, develops, sells and provides communication solutions.
We can not only provide office desk phone, ordinary office voip phone, video office, multi-function dispatch phone, but also provide outdoor waterproof phone, sos telephone and public emergency intercom.

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